Persian Weddings
DJs | MCs | Musicians

The majority of our team has decades of experience and are experts with Persian weddings, aghd ceremonies and Persian music.

Aghd Ceremony

Mobarak! We can provide DJs, musicians, lighting, videography and more to make your aghd ceremony absolutely perfect. We can help you select the right mix of Persian and non-Persian music for your entrance and exit to set the mood for memories of a lifetime

Cocktail Hour

Allow us to entertain your guests as they have cocktails and or appetizers, all while setting the wedding mood with Persian classical music by artists like Bijan Mortazavi or non-Persian options like Jazz, Guitar or Lounge music.


Our seasoned Persian wedding experts will guide you through your first dance, the perfect party and dinner music, and even special moments like the mother-son and father-daughter dance. Of course, we can’t forget the beautiful “Raghse Chaghoo” (Knife Dance) and “Gol Baroon” Dance (Flower Dance). Count on us to provide you and your guests a lifetime of memories!

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