Meet DJ Kam

Amit, better know as DJ Kam was raised in northern Virginia, Kam was exposed to a culturally diverse population that greatly influenced his ability to keep any dance floor packed and full of energy. Beginning in high school, parents aren’t usually keen on kids diverging away from their studies, however Kam accomplished a tremendous feat by playing at nightclubs even before he was allowed in, legally that is. Local promoters realized that his raw talent needed to be showcased, and he landed his first residency at the now defunct nightclub, Insomnia, which he held until the doors were closed.

Fast forward to today, Kam currently holds residencies at major nightclubs in the Washington DC area, including Fridays on the main floor of Ultrabar with DC’s biggest promotion company, Panorama Productions, as well as Manor nightclub, Don Tito in Arlington Virginia, Dirty Bar, Kabin, Eden Rooftop and the Huxley.
Being exposed to different genre’s of music, whether it be hip hop, international, top 40, 80’s, 90’s or electronic music, Kam continuously searches for remixes that hit the right tone for the exact moment. To further separate his DJ sets, Kam creates his own edits and remixes to ensure a unique mix that captures and builds the energy to keep a dance floor packed.

When he’s not blazing up the dance floors at the most popular venues in town, he loves to suit up and help make a newlyweds wedding fun and truly memorable by keeping guests of all ages engaged and dancing on the dance floor.
Whether it be a wedding, corporate event, happy hour, or a nightclub, Kam’s unique experience through hundreds of events guarantees his music will create a lasting experience that all listeners will enjoy and cater to the music preference for the special occasion.

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