Tuesday’s Wedding History: Armenian marriage beginning 1875

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Wedding is a unique encyclopedia of folk culture which reflects a complex of national culture elements.

According to tradition, when a family wanted to marry their boy, they would send the news – through the family elder – to the family whose girl they wanted as a bride. Sometimes, when they were refused by the girl’s family, the village head would visit the girl’s family. During the ceremony of asking for the girl’s hand, the boy’s family would ask for water and if the girl herself brought the water, it would mean that she agreed to marry that boy.

Despite the common opinion that Armenian weddings lasted for 7 days, data from the 19th century show that most commonly, weddings in Armenia lasted for 3-4 daysWeddings in Armenia would take place on Saturdays when the bridegroom and his relatives went to bring the bride to the bridegroom’s home.

Picture of Otians couple, Ottoman Empire, 1900 (Hishatak 1896-1930;Pictures and memories: from Armenian family albums between the 19th and 20th centuries) www.genocide-museum. Credit to: www.panorama.am

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